Monday, December 10, 2012

Grey Knights Rhinos part 1

Last three models before painting.

Months ago consolidated two Razorbacks into one box for space.

For some reason thought I would be using front plate from Razorback box.  Quite pleased Inquisition/Grey Knight on all facings.

All cleaned up and ready to go.  Side doors are hinged.

Something I've learned about rear door is to put a little drop of superglue in the top corner and let it mostly dry.  It will hold the door close.

Binder to hold down part of the hull for superglue to hold.

When gluing the treads I find it best to secure the long track first.

Bottom track was done by putting on L1 first instead of L4.  Top track was done by putting on R4 first.  Can see the gap on the bottom track because of guessing how things would line up.

slainte mhath

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