Sunday, December 30, 2012

Grey Knights Purifiers painting part 7

Had a couple of hours to paint my Purifiers after finishing the Shadowseer.

Chainmail for metal bits.

Five of thirty done.

Twelve of thirty done.

 slainte mhath


  1. wow, quite a lot a do to mate =) You have my respect, if I had such a batch of marines in front of me ... I could not start to paint them, just too many ^^

    I'm more like e.g. 3-5 orks, then paint something else, then again 3-5 orks, if you of know what I mean

    1. I agree, quite a bit of work to do. I've found it takes the same amount of time to do 30 than it does to do 6 reps of 5.

      Though doing them 3-5 at a time you see reward for your work sooner.


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