Thursday, December 13, 2012

How to remove Detail on Finecast (Resin)

This is the first "how to" where I actually tried different techniques.  Figured others would appreciate the thoughts as I used different tools to remove the relief.

Quick note on relief.  Relief is the detail cut into a surface.  There are many types of relief.  High, low, counter and sunk.  Specifically the Iyanden symbol on Yriel's left banner is low relief.  Low relief because there is no space between the relief on the surface.  That is called high relief.  So is the Eldar Eye on other banner.

Much like the Egyptian carvings when Pharaohs would cut off the relief of previous Pharaohs to erase their rule.  Shawn requested the same.  He requested the Iyanden symbol to be removed and put his craftworld symbol in its place.  This was a pleasant challenge.  How does one remove relief?  First thought was to use a modelling knife.  The sharp point could gouge into Finecast too easily for my comfort.  Then I thought about the grinding bit I purchased for my Master of the Forge Servitors from Nightbringer bodies.  Wasn't til I was pulling out the dremel did I think about the wire brush.

Decided I would try one of each to see how easily they individually removed the Iyanden relief.

Hope you pick something up from my learning process.

One thing I picked up from grinding away details on Nightbringers making them into Servitors was having a catch for stray material.  Wet a paper towel so it would act as an adhesive for bits of resin being cut away from the banner.

First up a wide modelling blade.  Not the pointed blade I was thinking would cut too deep into the banner.
The sharp unused width of the blade was surprisingly effective.  Almost considered not using the other two tools for the task.  Wanted to try each method to determine which was best.

Next up grinding bit for dremel.

This wasn't as effective as I thought.  It unexpectedly, foolish me, bit into banner more than I wanted.  So far wide modelling knife has been the best.

Next up is wire circular brush.

As you can see all it really did was peal the paint off instead of removing the relief.  Wide blade is the best.

Removed the rest of the Iyanden relief with wide modelling knife blade.  It worked easily.  Took my time and purposely did not rush the process.

Was afraid the blade would make too many gouges into the banner due to its sharp edges.  Used grinding bit again.  Worked quite smoothly.  Should've considered using the grinder to put waves into the banner.  Hopefully you can see how the wet paper towel caught the ground off material.  The point is instead of making a powdery resin and bits mess everywhere the wet towel catches it.

Looking good.

slainte mhath

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