Thursday, December 6, 2012

Purifiers Alabaster Armour

Really getting in the mood for Grey Knights.  Doing some reading = measuring twice, cutting once/double dotting the "I's" double crossing the "T's"  That's when I read something.

Grey Knights codex 5th ed pg 31 "Brilliant spark becomes unstoppable conflagration, and through this inferno none save Purifiers can walk unharmed, alabaster armour gleaming as their blades dispatch their charred and blackened foe."

Used without permission.  No challenge intended.  This guy does great work.

Grey Knights Codex pg 70 has two Purifiers painted in standard "grey knight" scheme.  Crowe on pg 66 is also painted to the same scheme.  Is Purifier armour alabaster or "grey?"

Could it be artistic license/interpretation.  The devil's in the details.  This is from Mat Ward so who knows.

Kind of tempted to paint my Purifiers alabaster due to the fluff instead of "grey" scheme.  I know as a painter that it is my choice how to paint them.  Curious about others thoughts on this.

slainte mhath


  1. Since anyone short of an inquisitor that sees or knows of them is either killed or has their mind very well scrubbed clean, who is to say exactly what color they are. They are called "grey" knights, but maybe that refers to something other than their actual real color. For instance, like the saying of some actions being neither white or black but grey. Maybe they have a greater agenda than even the Imperium itself issued by the Emperor. They do have a doomsday device??? or something to be used at some point given to them by the Emperor.

    1. You still have me laughing with your comment from last Fri "keep scrubbing someone's brain until their arm falls off."

      I like that. Could explain why "Grey Knights" have silver armour.

  2. The fluff for Purifiers describes them with 'alabaster' or white armour, but the 'official' paintjob in one of the White Dwarves is indeed pretty much the regular blue-silver Grey Knight paintjob - except that their helmets and shoulderpads are painted white.

    Me, I prefer to do it that way. Painting a Knight model entirely white is a pain in the neck, whereas just white helmets and shoulderpads make the dudes stand out while remaining 'in theme' with the rest of the army. Doesn't hurt to add a little extra bling on them, either - my favorite is painting the spherical intake thingies and the thicker armor plates on top of the backpacks gold.

  3. I'd paint theme Alabaster White. Whats the point of the fluff, pretty much out-right, stating the colours of the squad it was written for?

    I don't think any other unit is described as white ( haven't read the codex through myself, so I could be wrong), so it should be alright.

    1. I have to say I'm becoming extremely tempted to paint them alabaster. Mostly because of the challenge. Was working with some white today and didn't really find it that much of a challenge when I consider alabaster. White, white. Yeah that is an easy remedy. Will have to continue to kick this one around in my head.

      Thanks, Narric.


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