Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How to Paint Eldar Glyphs

Figured since I was painting Shawn's Eldar Craftworld symbol on Yriel's banner in lieu of Iyanden I'd take some pics and show my process.  It should be noted this is like "how to paint free hand."

Used a 3/0 Princeton round 1.50$ brush for this.

First need a design to know how to lay out your Eldar design you're going to free hand.  Shawn wants his Craftworld symbol upside down on the banner.  Placed another little glyph on the cloak.

Banner is painted with Reaper Surf Aqua, bottom, and Caledor sky, top.  Dots are Hawk Turquoise.  The dots outline your design.  No stencil or pencil work here.  Painter and brush both step into the ring.  Only one can step out.

Slowly build on the design.  Effectively connecting the dots.

Build from inside out so you have an idea where you can push the boundaries.

Made a little mistake with left side of the half circle.  Will clean it up to look even later.

Design is done.  You can put your brush down now and enjoy the fruits of your labour or you can embrace your OCD and go that extra step.

Army Painter Mat Black to add definition to the glyph.  Still needs a lot of cleaning up to look presentable.

Looking better.  The point of the triangle looked too short so I elongated it.  Much better.

Little more cleaning here and there then done.

slainte mhath

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