Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Nemesis Force Halberd or Nemesis Daemon Hammer? Decisions, decisions.

Only had a bit of time to finish up magnetizing these last night.  Had a surprisingly fun time with family.  I give credit to my Love for the enjoyable time.  Spent some quality time with her aftewards talking about the blog and my, ours if you ask me, future.

Finally done.  Surprised how well they turned out.  Nemesis Force Halberds when facing an army with few vehicles.  Psyflemen or Dreadknights will take care of them.

Didn't take too long to finish drilling and putting magnets in.  The weapons are polarity sensitive for each member of the squad.  Plan on doing some specific painting on the weapon tips as to not mix them up with different squads.  I really embraced with my OCD with this endeavour.

Nemesis Daemon Hammers for armies that have more than a few vehicles.  Doubt my Purifiers will get that close.  Better prepared for the encounter that doesn't happen then not when it actually does.

Little pic showing just the staff with weapons off.

slainte mhath

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