Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Grey Knights Purifiers painting part 3

Really glad I resisted the urge that was tearing me all day down at work.  Painted for about 7 hours last night.  Once I was done with Yriel went right back to my Purifiers.  Need them done by March 18.

Colours are working together nicely.

Here are a couple of pics of models with and without Army Painter Prime Colour Uniform Grey.
I don't bother to paint the bottom of tanks.  I'll usually add some funny line but not painting them.  Bottom of tank has the grey plastic.  Tank on right is primed.

Psyflemen prior to undercoating.

Post undercoating.  The Army Painter Uniform Grey really does make the model look like it is unpainted plastic.

This is the hand I forgot.  As you can see the plastic is clearly a different colour.  Close when you barely undercoat the model.

 We now return to our Purifier painting post already in progress.

Really liking how the Blood Red and Lightning Blue are working together.  Fear of this army becoming jingoist if I go with Alabaster armour.

2/3rds accented Blood Red.  So close to the next part of detailing these guys.

Was afraid how the Dheneb Stone would work with Blood Red because of how flesh tone it looked.  Turned out quite well.

5/6ths Blood Red accent done.  One more squad and that will be it.  Will probably happen Thurs night.  Since tonight I have a 2500 game with Bryan at Fantasy Flight.

slainte mhath

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