Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Eldar Prince Yriel part 2

During our game last Tues Shawn requested Yriel to be painted next.  Asked him if he wanted it painted as it is in the codex.  Shawn looked at the pic and said "Yeah, but in the colours of my Eldar."  Easily done.

Following Shawn's Eldar Yriel's mesh armour is Uniform Grey.  Armour plates Surf Aqua.  Tips of banners Hawk Turquoise.

Didn't have any elven flesh so had to make some.  Normally I do faces and eyes last.  Since this is not one of my models decided to break convention.  Face based with Ubshabti Bone.

Washed face with Devlin Mud, army painter Strong Tone.  Should've done an additional wash.  Perhaps will still do so.

Badab Black, army painter Dark Tone, for mouth.

Army Painter Mat White for white of the eye.  Lightning Blue for iris.

Chainmail for metal bits.  Will end up hitting neck armour with Army Painter Matt Black.  All flexible parts of armour are black in my 40k universe.  You'll also notice how the eye looks more real.  Put a dot of Mat Black for the pupil.  Really pulls together the details of the face.

Watered down Ubshabti Bone highlight.

Hair binder Regal Blue.  Lightning Blue for first highlight.  Ice Blue for further highlight.

Made the Ice Blue bolder.  Thinking I'll tone it down.

Shoulders and Twilight Spear head before blade Army Painter Matt Black.  Filigree Burnished Gold.  Hair Vermin Brown.

Devlin Mud, Army Painter Strong Tone, washed over hair.  Will probably hit it with some Ubshabti Bone to match codex pic.

slainte mhath

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