Thursday, December 13, 2012

Prince Yriel part 3

I love painting Independent Characters.  It is not the detail of the model.  Nor the pose.  It must be the demand the model places on the painter.  That demand meaning there's only one of them.  They have to stand out.  They command attention on the table.  Yriel is a great model to paint.  Looking forward to painting mine.

Uniform Grey 100% match to spray touchup  on certain parts.

Asked Shawn if he wanted the cape to be white on outside and black on inside or black on out with white in.  Shawn said he wanted the codex colour.  Then thought about black outside and Regal Blue inside to match the shoulders.  It works.  Army Painters Mat Black outside.  Regal Blue inside.

Shawn also wanted the trim to be gold like the shoulders.  Was going to paint them yellow like the codex.  Client wins.  Burnished Gold for trim.

Have to do something with the back of the cape.  It just occurred to me.

Strips inside cape painted to codex colours.  Flash Gitz Yellow with Mat Black stripes.

Close up of the strips inside the cape.  Right strip based with Vermin Brown highlighted right strip with Ubshabti Bone.

Attempted to knee armour as close to codex as possible.  Cleaned it up a bit more but no close up pics.  Flash Gitz Yellow and Regal Blue for fastening clips for cape.  Flash Gitz Yellow for strap on arm.

Leather straps on body and leg Balor Brown.  Belt Flash Gitz Yellow.  Will probably hit with Gryphonne Sepia wash to give the folds depth.

Accoutrements Chainmail for metal clasps.  Wraithbone Aspect symbols based Balor Brown with Ubshabti Bone highlight.

Staff and poles Brassy Brass.

slainte mhath

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