Sunday, December 30, 2012

Eldar Harlequin Shadowseer

Exactly as hoped.  Started and finished painting Shadowseer in one sitting.  Quite pleased.

Undercoated Army Painter Primer Colour Uniform Grey.

Figured instead of taking pics of one colour at a time I would do a couple then take a pic.  Tabbard Army Painter Mat White.  Murehk Mat Black.

Right leg based Surf Aqua.

Those who look into the Shadowseers mask are supposed to see their death causing viewer terror.  Normally I would paint it with Chrome Silver oil based paint.  Not this time.  Too much effort.  Based Leadbletcher, small shine Chainmail, large shine Mithril Silver.

Scorpion Green, Caledor Sky and Flash Gitz Yellow for diamond pattern.

Right hand Warpstone Glow.  Right arm Blazing Orange.  Left arm Regal Blue.

Left leg Dark Flesh.  Mask on knee Army Painter Mat White.  Pouches Army Painter Mat Black.  Bag on side Vermin Brown.  Leather straps Bestial Brown.

Right ribbon Enchanted Blue, left Knarloc Green.

Metal bits Brassy Brass.  Studs on arm Chainmail.

Completely blurry pic.  Put it in for context.

Green Glaze over Army Painter Mat White.  Stems Aqua Surf.

Chainmail based.

Green Glaze, hardly able to see it.

Sun and moon ornaments Burnished Gold.  Mask drybrushed Ice Blue.  Ribbon on right arm Golden Yellow.

Tassels Surf Aqua.

Getting close to the end.  Damn was I excited to start and finish this model in one evening.  Could've done this on a work night.

Rock Dheneb Stone with Sepia Griphonne wash over it.

Based with Grey Mash.

Critique away.

slainte mhath


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