Friday, August 10, 2012

12.8.6 Eldar Falcon and Wave Serpent

Once more into the fray
Into the last good fight I'll ever know
Live and die on this day
Live and die on this day

~ The Grey

Shawn wanted me to put together two of models.  Perhaps because he was tired of my my bitching and moaning about how poorly several of his models were put together.  Seriously I was close to going into a fit of rage how these expensive models were put together.  Have some respect!

Now that is off my chest onto the fun.  Received my first payment for painting Shawn's Eldar.  Thank you, Shawn!

3 out of 17 models for my Grey Knight army

Shawn handed me the Falcon and Wave Serpent Sat after our match.  I'm damn sure I have Chaos Daemons pegged.  Now to face other armies with my Necron list to pop my bubble.

Never put together a Wave Serpent.  First one.  Enjoy the scrolling.  /wink

Have to say I appreciate the Craftworld Eldar pilots much more than Dark Eldar pilots.  Individual arms not wanting to be aligned with the console.  Yes I want that type of model everytime!  Please give it to me.  /shoots self

I want moving parts on my models.  All of my Eldar Skimmer doors open.  Wanted the same for Shawn's Skimmers.  This is the extended cabin for the Wave Serpent.  I was amazed how lazy and easy it was to attach it to the chassis of the Falcon/Fire Prism.

This part caused me all sorts of hell when painting the previous two Wave Serpents.  As you can probably tell.  I'm going to leave Wave Serpent in separate components while painting it.  Only when I'm done painting them will I glue them all together.  Because of this piece alone I will be a very happy camper while painting these two models.

Considering painting the interior of the cabin like I have done with mine.  Of course its a fruitless effort.  The only people that will look into the middle of a plastic model are those prompted because it was "painted."  Should I do it?

Most of the Wave Serpent put together in a hour after coming back from drinkfest.  Turned out pretty good.  Tomorrows a new day with new challenges.  See you soon.

slainte mhath


  1. I know a few guys who super detail their models, to include led lights and all, but they still haven't finished 1500 points to play on the table.

    The inside of the wave serpent will be so dark with the door open I think it may be a waste of time to do more than drybrush and pick out a few spot highlights.

    1. Yeah. I have that issue with the transport sections of my skimmers. Looks great not glued together. Open the door then you have to pour some light into it see the detail. I'll leave it grey.


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